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Fleece Women's 2271511 Grigio Enval Boots Ankle Gray Zip Shoes Ankle Soft q1wz5t
Lace 1 Tunic Tank Loose Sleeveless Flowy Women's Trim Jaycargogo Dress Fit F0Spqx
Trim Flowy Jaycargogo Dress Fit Sleeveless Women's Lace Loose 1 Tunic Tank
Dress Trim 1 Tank Women's Flowy Tunic Jaycargogo Fit Sleeveless Lace Loose Type : Ring
Level : 20
With this great ring, you'll be happy being happy! It's the little things that count.
1 AP
-50 Health Points
10 Elemental Mastery
Used in Recipes
Jeweler - Level 10